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    Expert translators

    Services provided by our expert translators

    There are some documents – normally those aimed at a professional audience – which will need doing by our expert translators, individuals who have vast sector-specific knowledge or tools.

    Whereas general translators are capable of dealing with a wide range of texts on a wide variety of topics, expert translators have in-depth knowledge of certain sectors (the economy, medicine, law, etc.), specialise in certain documents (contracts, agreements, patents) or work in various media (software, websites, plays, etc.).

    No matter what your needs we have a team of experts specialising in the following fields:

    • Literary translation
    • Technical translation
    • Business translation
    • Medical/pharmaceutical translation
    • Multimedia product translation

    Additionally as an agency we have become specialists ourselves in certain fields which makes us what we are today, such as…


    French is Aviva Maayani and Anne Goldstein’s – anyTEXT’s founders – mother tongue and working language. Even after living in Israel for decades we still retain a close relationship with the French language, French culture, cuisine and fashion.

    We like to view ourselves as a bridge between two cultures, happily explaining France to Israelis and Israel to the French. And yes, even after all these years and the marriages to Israeli men and being proud mothers of Israeli families, we still dream in French, maintain a heartfelt relation with and are profoundly moved by the language of Molière and keep up-to-date with all of the new turns of phrase and are happy to pass our knowledge on.


    Tourism and foreign languages go hand in hand, anyone will tell you that.

    We have thousands of pages of tourism sector-related translations under our belt from some of the leading figures in the industry such as the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Club Med, Arkia International, the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza as well as surf and ski schools, hotels in Israel as well as abroad and restaurants and museums.

    Property/real estate

    The fact Israel has experienced a building boom over the past few decades is a well-known; additionally a considerable amount of foreign investment has entered the country over the same space of time. anyTEXT teams have translated property-related documentation for local companies as well as law offices, banks and individuals for a number of years now. We also handle dozens of procurement agreements on an annual basis in addition to presentation leaflets, technical specifications, websites and videos.  We provide our client base with unrivalled expertise and comprehensive understanding of the challenges involved in the property market for your texts in foreign languages, particularly for Hebrew/English translations into French and Russian.


    Israeli agricultural practices are well-known all over the world and this is another area anyTEXT specialises in. We contribute to the dissemination of local expertise in developing countries in general and African countries more specifically. Our services in this respect range from interpreting (for conferences, training workshops, accompanying delegations) to written translations of manuals, work documents, estimates, tenders and films for specialised areas such as: irrigation techniques, the dairy industry, poultry nutrition, fish farming, laying hens, etc.


    Once people reach a certain age a lot of them wish to put their memories down on paper and this memoir-writing process is one of our passions. In an immigrant country like Israel the problem is a lot of the time the language they speak isn’t the same one their descendants do. That’s where we come in: with all due discretion we meet with the author and go over their project with them, assessing the quality of their manuscript, offering suggestions where required and helping them put their thoughts in order. We then move on to the translation phase next although not without having made any relevant questions and being a constant presence through to publishing, which more often than not means we end up feeling like one of the family.

    Gastronomy and the food processing industry

    Food and languages – two worlds to savour and we have to admit we’re partial to both. We translate package labels for the food processing industry, menus for restaurants; we’ve even done cooking programmes for television. Our experience has never let us down in this respect, so by all means don’t be afraid to be counted with the multitude of restaurants, hotels, plants and other industry service providers who’ve come to us for a translation.

    Our strengths

    We’re more than capable of offering solutions adapted to our clients’ particular needs precisely because we develop such a good understanding of them. And the unique demands and challenges they present us with never stop or cease to amaze: perhaps an academic article needs changing as part of a speech, or ancient writing needs deciphering prior to translation, or texts need transcribing with the help of OCR software, or older quotes need updating taking into account current requirements, or archives need typing out, or our clients’ administrative needs have to be met online, or we have to brainstorm how to approach a project together with clients or even advising them on their choice of product/character names for TV series or computer games.

    Accredited by the French Consulate in Tel Aviv

    Aviva Scher-Maayani is accredited by the French Consulate in Tel Aviv for translation, proof of her utmost professionalism. If you need to update your records with the Consulate or apply for nationality we will charge for the translation itself although if you’d like we can also help you fill in any forms or applications online.  Consular approval may – in most cases – mean visiting a notary is no longer required, which translates to big savings.

    hitmachuyot,Expert translators


    Keeping budgets low and timescales tight – we can do it.

    It’s because of our vast experience working in this field and the savoir-faire forged from that experience we can provide a simple and effective working process for every expert translation we take on.

    From the start we’re there helping you identify the specific needs in place for the project,  which helps lowers the overall cost and time spent in the end.

    How do we do it?

    We put our creativity to use alongside the technology available to offer you reasonable prices and turnaround times suited to your needs.

    We always make sure you absolutely need everything translating in a text, which is a particularly crucial issue when dealing with larger texts and clients are pressed for time.

    As an example, if you’re interested in a tender you don’t need the whole thing translating, at least not initially. We can select the parts which are most relevant to your business or can even have an interpreter go through the document together with you, saving both time and money.

    Another example is where analyse documents prior to translation where similar text is used or even repeated, which we duly take into account when preparing our quote.

    And one more example: we would be happy to write various messages to your foreign contacts on your behalf, completely bypassing the drafting phase in your own language.

    Based on the text you’ve sent as part of your interest we can provide you with a clear, precise quote which includes a final price and a delivery date.

    Whilst the document is being translated we’re happy to clarify any points which may arise and make relevant comments (where required) on the content, ensuring the final product meets your expectations.

    Even after delivery we remain entirely at your disposition (checking the text is not affected by the layout and is suitable for printing, changes, etc.).

    The main questions to answer before (and after!) placing an order for a translation with us on the client’s end are as follows:

    What is the translation going to be used for? What is absolutely non-negotiable in terms of the budget and deadline? Are there older versions of the text available which might be of use to the translator?

    Calculating the cost: Would you like to see a sample of our work before placing your order? Would you rather have a rate per word or a fixed price?

    During the translation process: Have you designated a contract person for the translator? Don’t forget to send us the text in its final layout format so we can verify everything looks good prior to it being sent off for printing.

    After delivery of the translation: Is this the final version of the document or do you think you’ll need to update it at some point?




    Club Med (a frequent client since 2009)

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew

    Tridents (an Israeli company) website, articles, files and CVs


    Arkia International (2013)

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew



    Ben Zvi Institute

    Languages: Hebrew, English, French

    University articles, archives, OCR


    Bank Hapoalim (a frequent client since 2006)

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew

    Contracts, mortgage guides



    Israeli Ministry of Agriculture (a frequent client since 2002)

    Training workshops, manuals

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew


    Roy Shahak (a frequent client since 2006)

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew, Russian

    Advertisements, specifications, real estate documents


    Faire Fund (a frequent client since 2013)

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew

    Business correspondence

    Azorim (2012)

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew



    Yossi Avrahami (2010)

    Languages: English, French, Hebrew




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