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We provide our partners - including hundreds of leading companies and organisations in their respective fields - unrivalled expertise alongside 30 years of experience in the field of languages, translation and interpretation.

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      Our Services

      Custom Translation

      Written and oral translations tailored to your needs

      This is our consultancy company’s main business and is the side of the trade our clients think they know best, although they might not always be aware of the problems which can arise when translating a text.

      Actually doing a translation is not a simple exercise where you replace one word for another, it’s more of a question of transferring the complex ideas behind a text written in one language to another – and all that entails.
      The act of translating is communicating information and everything that information contains such as values, connotations, implications, etc.  There are also technical factors to take into account such as the handling of files and the use of various types of translation software and tools, all of which we’re perfectly capable of handling.

      Marketing writing

      Transcreation and drafting marketing content

      Marketing content in foreign languages which has been adapted to the target culture and audiences is an invaluable means of communication.

      We offer creative translation and content writing services which are suited to a wide variety of needs, from slogans to websites.


      Website, software, game and audiovisual product localisation

      We also provide translation services for materials which are not simple texts, such as websites, films, computer games, recordings and software, amongst other things.

      This side of translation is an area of expertise unto itself and translators working in this field use special software tools which allow them to “localise” various products – subtitles, scripts, websites, smartphone apps, recorded messages, children’s television programmes, audio guides for museums, etc. – into the foreign languages required.

      We have worked with major players in this industry (website designers, recording studios, TV channels, producers and others) and have dozens of projects in a variety of languages in our portfolio such as websites for hotel chains and aviation companies, invoicing software, audio guides for famous museums and art galleries and award-winning film scripts.

      These services are available for all European languages as well as Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

      Expert translators

      Services provided by our expert translators

      There are some documents – normally those aimed at a professional audience – which will need doing by our expert translators, individuals who have vast sector-specific knowledge or tools.

      Whereas general translators are capable of dealing with a wide range of texts on a wide variety of topics, expert translators have in-depth knowledge of certain sectors (the economy, medicine, law, etc.), specialise in certain documents (contracts, agreements, patents) or work in various media (software, websites, plays, etc.).


      Project management (large volumes and/or regular projects)

      Multi-lingual projects


      We’ve implemented a project management device for our customers (both private and public entities) who have regular, long-running projects as well as large-scale, short turn-around times, which means we can work just like an in-house translation department or sworn translator providing services such as…

      Direct, personal contact: there’s nothing more valuable in terms of good communication over the course of a project.  This is why we strive to get to know our clients and their needs, eschewing anonymous contact for fluid dialogue.

      Joint planning: once we know what your needs are we can set up a “translation unit” which is solely dedicated to your organisation.

      We develop alongside you: we constantly adapt to your business and economic situation. Are you developing new products, looking to break into new markets? In this sense it’s important to let us know beforehand so we can do our best for you, as it takes time to recruit and train up translators in line with your standards as well as learn about what’s new.

      About anyTEXT

      anyTEXT was founded in 2001 to address the diverse needs of the many companies, individuals and organizations, communicating and competing in a multi-lingual market.

      Over the years the business has grown, but the principles and dedication remain the same – to connect people with different languages and cultures in a clear, coherent and unified manner.

      Each project, big or small, gets highly individualized attention from day one, with the explicit goal of understanding your business, your needs, and the message you want to get across, tailored to each local market with its linguistic subtleties.

      No matter the size of your project, anyTEXT guarantees 100% commitment to deliver the best end results from its dedicated staff, relying on deep industry specific knowledge, advanced tools, and an uncompromising willingness to give you the service you deserve.

      Covering more than 30 languages, handled by highly trained native speakers, working with anyTEXT assures that your project is always conveyed to the right audience, with the right words, tone and style, opening doors for your international success.

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